Get to know our students…

While you’re waiting for our blog to launch, get to know our student editors and contributors. We have more than 50 undergraduate and postgraduate students in Digital Media/ Digital Communication Management developing content for our blog this year. For 2017, the blog will focus on 6 key topics:

  • Current events and case studies
  • School of Public Relations and Journalism events
  • Practitioner Views
  • Academic Staff Profiles
  • Student life in Leeds and at Leeds Beckett
  • Trends in Public Relations

Having taken a peek at some of the content to come, we are really excited at the work that the students are doing — it showcases their excellence, creativity, and gives everyone a better picture of the field of public relations in the mean time from a lot of different perspectives.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you and having you get to know us a bit better in our first blog year.

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