A Day in the Life of a Midlander Studying PR at Leeds Beckett

by Emily Jarvis

Originally from a small village in the midlands, clubs, cocktail bars and shopping centres wasn’t exactly what I was used to (you can imagine the move to Leeds was a bit of a shock, to say the least). With so many social opportunities and activities to do, I’ve found that it’s actually impossible to be bored in Leeds (which is the complete opposite from being at home– sorry mum!)

‘Every great change is preceded by chaos’ – Deepak Chopra

 When picking which university to study at I based my choice on two criteria’s: the quality of the course and the location. For me the best choice to match these criteria was: Public Relations and Leeds.

I often get asked: What is PR? Why did you pick to study PR? What do you learn on the course? In my experience, I feel that many people have a distorted view of PR, seeing it as a manipulative industry. However, PR is mainly concerned with the maintenance of an organisations reputation and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with the public.

‘Everything you do or say is Public Relations’ – Huffington Post

Public Relations appeared to be the only course that matched my personality perfectly, which I hadn’t found with any subjects taught at school. I strived to find a course that would allow me to: be sociable, learn new skills, and express my love of English as well as giving me a chance to travel. I found that the Leeds Beckett PR degree allowed me to achieve all of my goals. The course gives the opportunity for team work between fellow students, a chance to study abroad as well as learning to write appropriately for many different media platforms.


The reason I find Public Relations at Leeds so engaging is due to the diversity of the modules.Bar Topics include writing for communications, marketing and digital media. I feel that this range makes PR interesting as you can see the huge umbrella in which it covers, showing the many careers that you could enter once graduated. I strive to enter a career in internal communications – which is something that I had not thought of before studying PR.



Leeds has proven to be the perfect choice for me, both in terms of studying and the social life. I have made friends who share the same interests as me on the course, as well as also meeting people from all over the country while living in halls. I would strongly recommend both Leeds Beckett and PR as a studying choice, as it has helped me to excel in an industry that interests me as well as learning many new skills along the way (you won’t regret it!).

‘If I was down to my last dollar I would spend it on public relations’ – Bill Gates

 5 affordable but fun things for students to do in Leeds:

  1. The Otley Run – Face the ultimate challenge of completing one of England’s largest bar crawls.
  2. Hyde Park Picture House – One of England’s oldest cinemas, showing independent titles and retro films.
  3. Millennium Square Events – Famous for holding the annual Christmas Market, as well as showing the Lady Boys show and football games.
  4. Call Lane – Best known for its many clubs and cocktail bars
  5. Student Nights – Being one of the best cities in England for students, most clubs offer student deals and nights. You should try: Student Union, Pryzm, Yates’, Space and Mint Club.

If you want to find out more about PR, you can visit the following pages:

What is PR: https://www.cipr.co.uk/content/careers-advice/what-pr

PR at Leeds Beckett: https://courses.leedsbeckett.ac.uk/publicrelations/



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