Forget advertising and embrace influencers

by Tom Southern

Influencer marketing is the popular trend that is rapidly growing and will explode in 2017 without a doubt. The influence and power of TV advertising is diminishing, let’s be honest who doesn’t pick up their phone when an advert comes on? We are in the age of listening to and trusting our favourite key influencers on Instagram and essentially we are inclined to desire everything that they own. When you see your favourite celebrity has posted a picture of their new outfit and they tell you how much they love it, as a follower you are instantly influenced because of your admiration for the person.

It has become the ideal form of promotion for a brand because of how influential and trusted these figures are perceived to be. As a result brands are prepared to pay a lot of money for popular influencers that are going to give their brand extensive exposure, but the more important benefit of influencer marketing is association. If consumers can subconsciously associate a key influencer to a specific brand then this brand is going to receive targeted exposure to the right kind of customer who is already interested in their products or services.

Influencer marketing is so effective because it’s essentially still advertising but from your favourite influencers who you already follow, you are instantly engaged and interested in what they are promoting. Word of mouth will always be the best way to promote a brand and because of the fact consumers respect and admire these influencers so much, influencer marketing is becoming the ultimate way to sell products.

Consumers are so tired of paid ads and have no interest at all in dedicating the little time they have to an advert that they know will most likely have zero influence over their lives. Essentially through influencer marketing consumers are now choosing the content they want to be exposed to through following whoever they want. So brands know if an influencer has 1,000,000 followers on instagram, it’s likely the majority of those followers are going to be consumed and drawn in by their posts.

Influencers like Kylie Jenner and Gigi Hadid have more than 100 million followers between them on Instagram and so the reach and influence that they have is so much more superior to any television broadcaster. Consumers are so immersed into their style and their image that they become transfixed with what they wear and what they buy. Their social media content can be accessed at anytime, anywhere with the use of smart devices.  This is the age that we live in and this successful popular trend will only grow to catastrophic heights in 2017. I believe that more and more brands will start to use influencer marketing and even smaller niche companies will start to use Instagram users, with a few thousand followers to represent their brand image and personality.

Influencer marketing is the way forward!


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