‘New to Leeds Beckett? Look no further for an honest article about life as a student at Leeds Beckett University’

by Tom Southern

Starting University is a daunting experience for everyone and there are so many new experiences that you have to get used to. But Leeds Beckett is a fantastic University and I’m going to give you some great advice to make the most out of your uni experience.

Meet as many people as you can

I love university so much because of the people. You meet so many great characters in Freshers and I strongly advise you to speak to as many people as you possibly can, you won’t regret it! Four of the five people I now live with in 2nd year are all people I randomly met during Freshers and the rest is history (thankfully). I promise you if you embrace the fact that the stranger over there on their own in the corner could be your friend for life so go and talk to them, you will have a truly memorable university experience.

Work hard, play hard

In all honesty I strongly advise you to keep up with your university work and go to as many seminars and lectures as possible. If you don’t you’re going to quickly regret it when exam season comes round. And don’t start complaining about tuition fees if you aren’t even willing to put some effort into actually going to university. But of course, have fun as well. Leeds is such an exciting city with so much going on, from great nights out to plenty of shops and bars to discover. The infamous Otley Run pub crawl is something that every Leeds student needs to do and you will surely meet some interesting characters along the way.


University can get really hard at times for financial reasons and trust me, I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s vital that you manage your money properly. In first year I didn’t budget at all and fell quite deep into the dreaded overdraft. I strongly advise you to not rely on your overdraft… It may seem like a good idea at first but it won’t end well

If you are strict with how much you spend each week and you understand how much you are unable to spend then you can form a strategic budget that will enable you to live within your means. Leeds Beckett University offers great financial advice at the Student Hub if you need help with your budgeting or just need some advice.

Join a society

Everyone should get themselves down to the FreshersFair in the first week of their university experience. It’s a great opportunity to meet so many new people, get LOADS of freebies and possibly join a society that is perfect for you. There is such a diverse range of societies at Leeds Beckett University from the debating society, to the Brazilian culture society or even the DJ society. You’ll make friends for life, have some unbelievable experiences and definitely have some eventful socials.

Study abroad for a year!

Leeds Beckett offers some great opportunities for students to study abroad in so many different countries around the world. One of my friends did it in Australia last year and had an unbelievable and is now looking to move there when he graduates. It’s a great chance to meet new people, experience a different culture and see more of the world. Leeds Beckett offers fantastic advice and guidance throughout this process and I strongly advise anyone who is interested in studying abroad to pursue it.


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