Snuggle Shares the Love this Valentine’s Day

by Abbie Wilson

In its recent Valentine’s Day campaign, fabric Softener brand Snuggle invited consumers to create personalized videos with the help of mascot Snuggle Bear to sing to their Valentines. What better way to express your feelings to a loved one than a customized brand video featuring a singing teddy bear hey?

Snuggle fans were asked to upload a photo of their special someone so that the brand could create a customized video where the Snuggle bear serenades a well-known love song to them.

Special Strategy

Snuggle have been running Valentine’s- themed campaigns since 2012 and the planning for this campaign commenced in autumn 2016. This year, the company wanted a campaign that would drive consumer engagement with the brand and be completely unique.

Michael Monteleone, Snuggle’s senior brand manager explained “The desire of the 2017 campaign was to really focus on digital platforms, reaching consumers that are active on social media, and to integrate Snuggle Bear into the digital landscape”.


A national survey was carried out by Snuggle’s parent company, Henkel in early January 2017 which was centred on the subjects of music and Valentine’s Day. The participants included members of the ‘Bear Den’, which is a consumer community of dedicated snuggle fans. The result from the survey found that 75% of people believed that sharing a romantic song on Valentine’s Day encourages them to express how they feel, thus the idea for Snuggle’s customized music-centric serenades was born.

Snuggle incorporated a paid media strategy and online influencer engagement to encourage the formation of shareable content. This would rely heavily on promotion through Facebook, as well as utilising the Mummy bloggers who belonged to the ‘Bear Den’ to boost the campaigns online presence.

The goal for the campaign was to create 11,000 different videos for individual consumers. Theabbiewilsonimagebrand developed a microsite for the campaign which would be where fans could apply for their customized videos. Once the videos were created, fans were encouraged to share their videos on their social media platforms using the hashtag #SingItSnuggle.


Tasteful Tactics

The campaign launched on 21st January, National Hug day, alongside a press release and content posted on digital and social media platforms.

Using the microsite, consumers could upload photos and the name of their loved one, as well as choose between the two classic love songs available: “(I’ve Had) the Time of My Life” and “Lovin’ You” for the snuggle bear to sing.

At the start of February, a short promo video of Snuggle Serenades was created in order to drive awareness leading up to Valentine’s Day. Online outlets were targeted spanning trade, lifestyle and news with media outreach efforts.

Ravishing Results

Monteleone said breaking through the “Valentine’s clutter” remained a challenge as Snuggle had to compete against social chatter around huge events such as the Superbowl and the Grammy’s however, the brand still saw a very high engagement with their campaign.

So far, over 76,000 individual Snuggle Serenade videos have been created and the PR team estimated that their audience have viewed more than 12,000 hours of video content. The campaign has received coverage from mummy bloggers, trade outlets and general news media e.g. Yahoo! and Mashable. According to Brandwatch, a social analytics firm, the hashtag #SingItSnuggle has  accumulated over 414,000 impressions and  interestingly,  is being overwhelmingly used by females.

The campaign has been incredibly successful and has reached an estimated audience of over 140 million people through digital, mobile, social and PR efforts.

“This is a great opportunity to give a digital gift or e-card to your friends and loved ones to celebrate the Valentine’s season… This is such a cute campaign that will be fun for all ages”- Susan’s Disney Family

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