Redefining the festival experience – The best festival you never heard of

When we think of festivals, we think of thousands of people camping, listening to music, doing dafty things in the sun, rain, or dust. What if we begin to redefine that experience and have something more authentic?

You’ve probably never heard of it – yet for those that are invited to it, the Yellowlake Festival is a must each year!

The festival that started out six years ago as a couple friends camping in a garden has grown exponentially ever since (admittedly though it’s still all friends and we still fit in the same garden). Each year the Planning Committee, the original six, sets a different theme for the festival, such as Dias de Felicidad last year. Handwritten invitations, usually covered in glitter and accompanying small presents, are used to inform those lucky few about what to bring, the motto, time, and location (the location is actually always the same, the previously mentioned friend’s garden, but in an attempt to throw people off the scent the given address changes each year and is always wrong).

Attendance of the festival is free of charge – three meals a day, alcohol and other amenities are paid for by the Planning Committee. Guests can entertain themselves by listening to the various DJ acts, or trying to DJ themselves, group sports, only most being related to beer, or taking part in a host of other activities, such as Yoga seminars, art classes, the infamous yearly Sociology lectures and going for a dip in the euphemistically named “swimming pool”.

The most popular recurring segment of the Yellowlake Festival has always been the stunt show – each year our resident stuntman, DJ Brunz, comes up with a daring Evel-Knievelesque performance involving fire. He’s always looking to trump last year’s performance – as this can only end in death or mutilation we advise you to join the festival soon to witness the glory of his performances live!


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