Is BMW the Future of the Car Industry?

Ever since I can remember I have found myself excited about cars. While my friends were busy watching television, I was looking up information about different aspects of cars and trying to learn as much as I possibly can about them. In fact, I remember the day that I first bought my first car. I approached my mother with a sense of pride and confidence. I was ready. I was ready to own a car and I was ready to take care of it. While she was apprehensive, she agreed and I felt a rush.

I currently drive a BMW 1 Series M Coupe.


With that in mind, I can say with all honesty that I still feel the same rush every time I rev the engine or simply put my hands on the steering wheel. Perhaps this is because of my passion for cars or perhaps it’s because it’s a BMW. Driving a BMW is an experience all on its own. You can feel the power of the car along with the luxury that goes along with it. In fact, there are aspects that make my car particularly special. For instance, when they built it – they used parts from every series of BMW and put it together. It’s one out of 6,549 cars all around the world – so it’s a considered to be limited edition with only four cars being available in Oman’s showroom. More than that, however, it has the best handling I have ever experienced due to the fact that it’s built to be a track car. With that in mind, I realise that not everyone may agree with me which is why I created a survey to find out if others believe that BMW is the best German made car like I do.


I was very surprised to find that many people ranked Mercedes-Benz to be the best German made car in the market. What made this all the more surprising was the fact the people surveyed were mostly interested in Luxury-Sport cars.


As someone who has first-hand experience driving a BMW sports car, I believe that people may not be fully informed in regards to the current market and may be ranking the cars based on perception. In all actuality, when looking at the options available along with the power that BMW provides at their current price range – it makes it the best luxury brand for consumers. In fact, the Genèva Motor Show was just held two weeks ago and BMW revealed a brand-new sports car as they revealed that they were bringing back their 8 Series Line.


While this may be a concept, in the words of Frank van Meel, the boss of BMW’s M Division, “The conception and development of the standard BMW 8-series and the M model run in parallel.” This shows BMW’s commitment to not only provide their customers with the strongest engine possible but the best technology and luxury available. Not only that, but it is a little-known fact that BMW were the first German based car to produce a fully energy efficient car along with a hybrid – the i Series. This shows just how focused the company is on the future and how they seek innovation when others don’t. This is particularly important because people are now focused on saving the environment and moving away from fuel-based cars towards energy efficient cars. In fact, as shown below the survey I conducted revealed that the majority believe that the future belongs to energy efficient cars.

3In conclusion, while I cannot deny that each German brand has a unique approach to creating and developing their cars, I personally believe that BMW is striving to be at the forefront of it all. This is especially true when it comes to sports cars. BMW has a history of producing the best sports cars and they offer the best handling available right now. Just as well, they are striving to take their cars and brand into the future before any of the other German brands catch up. That, to me, shows true innovation in an industry that is riddled with competition and obstacles.

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