Netflix: A Prime Example of Success in TV & Film Campaigns

Creating successful PR campaigns in the Film and Entertainment industry is a demanding task. In the current social environment, there is a high expectation from viewers to see something completely eye-catching. Although it may appear to people that all that is done to promote a film is a simple trailer, there is actually a lot more hard-work and effort put in to make sure a film or series is as successful as possible.

Brown1IMG_7809Netflix is a prime example of an organisation which is sailing ahead in its creative advertising campaigns. They make sure that their consumers are aware of every new and upcoming series or film that will be coming to Netflix. Some recent campaigns in particular shone through and were recognised all over social media for their creativity. These include their campaign for the second season of Stranger Things and the return of Black Mirror.

Netflix coincided their release of the second series of Stranger Things with a social media and public media campaign. Various partnerships were used to promote the new season. Netflix took advantage of the popularity of the show’s 80s theme and used this to partner with Reebok using 1984 Reebok EX-O-fit Hi Clean trainers, which are worn in the show by Dustin.

Brown2ST topshopAlongside this, a collaboration with Topshop was running. Clothing retailer Topshop refurbished their store on Oxford Street, creating a tribute shrine to Barb as well as the famous wall decorated with letters and fairy lights that fans associate with the show. As well as this, Topshop began selling T-shirts with Stranger Things designs on the front. These sold out almost immediately, showing just how popular they were.
This may already seem like a lot, but it didn’t stop there. Netflix also partnered with Spotify who created an individual playlist dedicated to each of the main characters, all of which had a different music style. As well as this, Netflix took over Oxford Circus station by displaying Stranger Things themed signs and decorations for the public to see.

Due to the campaign’s success, Netflix’s Stranger Things was voted as one of the top publicity campaigns of 2017 at the ICG Publicists Awards and subsequently awarded with the Maxwell Weinberg Publicist Showmanship Television Award.

Introducing the return of Black Mirror

Brown3BM TwitterA few months after their successful campaign, Netflix launched the news of the return of the Black Mirror series. Much like they did for Stranger Things, they decided to impose this exciting release by taking over London Tube stations, displaying hundreds of unnerving posters linked the series that were hard to avoid seeing.  Posters which read ‘The worst is yet to come’ followed the public throughout their journey through the station and were captured on Twitter . This unsettling advertisement was reported all over Twitter, with most reactions being excitement and anticipation for the new season.

The renewal campaign was a huge success and was the talk of most social media for weeks.

By adapting these new and innovative tactics, Netflix are ahead of the game in terms of TV and film PR campaigning. Using such public displays makes it almost impossible for people not to see their promotions, while catching the eyes of even those who aren’t interested in the cause. In the current media landscape, organisations have to stick out above the rest with ideas and campaigns like this.
As there are so many amazing campaigns being executed, something new and exciting has to be done to grab the attention of a campaign’s target audience.

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