Photo Essay: What does it mean to be multicultural? A Dutch/Vietnamese Perspective

Have you ever asked yourself the question: “Who am I really?”
Am I a student, a daughter, a friend, a sister? How do you even identify yourself?

This is the question I struggle the most because the more I seek for an answer to this question, to my identity, the more confused I feel about myself.

My name is Tracy Bui – a Dutch/Vietnamese MA International Communication student at Leeds Beckett University. In this blog, I am going to talk a bit about my life and how it has been changing over the time. These changes probably are what have shaped me into who I am today.


Being born and raised in a different country or area than your parents. Growing up in a totally different country or even countries have made it difficult than ever for me and everyone else in the same situation to really identify ourselves. As Schwartz – a psychotherapist – said, “Our identity should be seen as an ongoing process…How different would life be if rather than asking who am I, we contemplated how we’d like to engage life?”



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