The Destruction & Rebirth of My Social Persona

Before creation, there is destruction

Today is the day… I’m officially starting my journey but, before that I need to delete my embarrassingly funny social media accounts.

Firstly; my Facebook then my Twitter account, then my Instagram. Not to worry though, there will be a social rebirth. The reason I chose these platforms instead of any others is because as a millennial living in the UK, these social media platforms are the top dogs. YouTube is also one but that is for the next blog post. Look out for that because it will be very INTERESTING…


Considering the Cambridge Analytica scandal & the hot water Zuckerberg is in, I’m in two minds about creating a new Facebook account. Adding my two cents on the latter sentence: Don’t get me wrong, I know we willingly give our personal information like names and ages however, collecting & using that data to create a profile that is then sold and used for political agendas, is a breach of our privacy and makes me lose any ounce of trust I had left for Facebook. So, I’m delaying deleting and creating a new Facebook till we find out more about it, so look out for updates on that.

I have only used Twitter once in 2011 and failed to produce any tweets, not because I didn’t have any smart or quirky beginning line, but because it really didn’t interest me. The concept of it now, intrigues me and as I’ve grown up to be more confident voicing my opinions, not saying I was ever nervous but people tend to grow more confident as they get older.

t b 2

I actual ended up finding this awkward gem when searching my name. Under the twitter handle @ T-Breezy (forgive me, I was a teenager from East London). Seeing as that was 7 years ago I can’t remember my password, so I won’t be able delete it yet.  I will however, still create a new twitter. Also, weird fact:  I did have a display picture, but it somehow disappeared into the ether (Great for me).

Update: I managed to find my password and deleted my previous Twitter.


The Rebirth of my twitter account is officially on its way. While the twitter handle ‘@T-Breezy’ would make any twitter users envious of such an amazingly thought-out name (Sarcasm), I don’t think it really suits my tone, so I went with the less flavoursome handle ‘@Tariq Hendrix’. The start of my social influencing journey is beginning and I believe twitter will be my right arm in achieving my goals. I used a display picture that I consider best represents a part of my gym junkie self.


I decided to revamp my Instagram account because it already has my name as tariq hendrix, as well as the fact I hardly used it. The screenshot above is my hardly used Instagram account.


So, I ended up deleting nearly all my posts, changed my display picture and adding new creative posts. I personally like the change, it expresses my persona more. The display picture is the same as my twitter picture to create familiarity of both social platforms.

My social media rebirth is completed-well, somewhat-but best wait till we know more about the Facebook scandal before I act hastily, call me paranoid but this may be the fall of Facebook. I move on to stage two on my next post, which will be me creating a new YouTube channel and post videos. I will also link the video to this blog. I’ve only just begun and I’m excited to where this may lead. Continue to follow me on my journey to becoming a social media influencer and a personal trainer.

I promise you wouldn’t be disappointed. Hendrix signing out.

Peace & Love.

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