Men From Leeds Have The Least Fashion Style

Last week, I attended an interesting guest lecture. The lecturer shared a surprising topic that immediately caught my attention — men from Leeds are officially the least stylish in Britain, at least according to their own wives and girlfriends!

Wow, this is so dramatic for me. In general, I wouldn’t care about what people do in their cities since I am not a big fan of news. However, this is happening in the city I’m studying, I couldn’t bear my curiosity of continuing to read more information about it.

YTanblog 1 picture 1According to the poll that was resulted by 2000 women from Leeds, researchers found over a third of women from the region said their husbands had no dress sense whatsoever and more than one in five said heir another half often looks ridiculous. Old trainers (23%), baggy jeans (17%) and baseball caps (7%) were all among the list of clothing items which infuriate the nation’s females YTanblog 1 picture 2– as were band t-shirts, flip-flops, hoodies and bell bottom jeans.

Nearly 18% of the women complained about their partners often dress like old men that they would only splash out on new clobber if it’s on sales. The survey found four in five women have confronted their spouse over his wardrobe choices-half said he was bitterly offended and half said he didn’t care and be stubborn about his good taste. Only 14% of the females polled that their partners actually enjoyed shopping for new outfits.

YTanblog 1 picture 4Personally speaking, I only believe 40% of what the research says about Leeds men’s dressing styles. It may be true that some of them don’t good ideas of fashion. Nonetheless, I think people that wrote this article was intending to exaggerating the facts. All newspapers, magazines, websites’ editors are expecting more views for what they write. Therefore, distorting the facts and a little bit exaggerations of the stories are indeed. Talking about the survey itself, the researchers selected 2000 women of Leeds to fill the polls, their analyses are based on only 2000 results. But honestly, how can 2000 women represent 800,000 population of the whole city for an accurate answer?

YTanblog 1 picture 5Apparently, this survey is generalizing Leeds man’s dressing taste. The publisher lacks consideration of other factors. For example, how can they know if people are polling the true answers as the survey was based on the internet? What’s the beauty standard of man’s dressing taste? What if the women that complain about their partners’ dressing style actually have the bad taste of fashion? What if the styles are based on one’s cultures and it is defined as a new trend of fashion? What if the males partners are from other regions/countries but married Leeds women? How can the researchers be sure about men from other British cities have less horrible styles without making a deep research? Etc etc..

yTanblog 1 picture 3There are tons of questions to be answered if people actually take a serious look at the article. Take my experience as an example, I’ve been studying in Leeds for almost two months, and I haven’t really met any guy with a horrible style that would make my brain pause for a second. Most of the people I meet are from Universities or student social activities, whether they are from Leeds or staying at Leeds, I think they are having a proper style or casual dress. Hence, I don’t have think men from Leeds have the least fashion style in the UK.


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