Vlog: Vietnamese New Year Celebration – What is special to be a Vietnamese?

Hi, I’m Gina from Vietnam. Today, I would like introduce to you to my home country and how we celebrate our New Year Day.

If you ask me what would be the special thing to be a Vietnamese? Like many other Asian countries, we Vietnamese still celebrate both Western New Year in the 1st of January and Lunar New year (Known as Tet Holiday). Why do Asian People need to separate two new year celebrations? What’s fun to celebrate Lunar New Year? Let’s find out in my video about Vietnamese New Year Celebration.

For more information:

  1. https://www.vietnamonline.com/tet/kitchen-god-day-tet-tao-quan.html


  1. http://www.crossingtravel.com/vietnamese-customs-on-tet-holiday-d688.html




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