How important is PR in the Music Industry?

PR seems to be as important as talent to success in the Music Industry.

In the age of social media, good publicity is the key for an artist to break through in the music industry. But why is it important?

Before social media artists did not have many chances to promote themselves independently. The deciding factor was to work for one of the four major labels, the “big four” of music (now the “big three“, after successful acquisition of EMI by Universal): EMI, Warner Music, Universal, and Sony.

Record labels were deciding about the reach, publicity and the image of an artist. In other words, almost all artists were the product of record companies which had all the right to publish music in their name.

In return, an artist would receive a well-trained PR team, a good salary, and the full coverage of his live tours. But the times are changing.

With the platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, the social media presence of an artist is constantly monitored by his fans and stakeholders.

Social media are a good tool for record labels to spot new artists. Often the deciding factor to be signed by one of the major record labels in the US, and the UK is having an already established base of fans and followers. Those who have large, engaged publicity and loyal fans can expect an unplanned, or even unwanted promotion.

BorthLinda Krasniqi with her band“Every time I share the videos on social media, my friends, family, or some people I don’t even know see them” – said Linda Krasniqi, a young aspiring musician, student, and a journalist at Radio 2 in Kosovo – “It makes me feel so cool”.

While good publicity and PR are the key for an artist to be noticed, talent remains a big addition to success. The goal for an artist should not be the fame, but the happiness of sharing music with other people:

“I will never play music, just because of fame” – Linda concluded.


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