Moving from country to city – 3 things I love so far!

It can be so scary moving to a new place, with new surroundings, and not knowing where anything is. That’s how I felt moving to Leeds for University in September. Even though I am originally from Huddersfield which is a mere half an hour drive, the change in scenery from where I live is huge. I live in the smallest village right in-between Huddersfield and Wakefield, where I look out of my window and see endless fields compared to now, looking out of the window of my Uni accommodation at the city. I am loving the change of location, the city has so much to offer that is so different to what I’m used to.

Here are my 5 things I get excited about now I’m living in the city:

  1. Getting to and from

I cannot believe how much I am enjoying walking in the city! My accommodation is on the East side just outside of Leeds city centre, so my walk into the centre is about 15 minutes and to Uni is 25 minutes, and I am really loving the freedom of walking to and from wherever I need to be. Back at home, the bus times were so irregular and took half an hour to get into the centre, so walking everywhere is a huge change for me, since I am now so close to all where I need to get to. There is nothing I am loving more than putting my headphones in (or not sometimes) and walking through Leeds, watching the world go by. I have loved people watching as I go too. Not only this, but with everything just being walking distance, it’s so easy to pop to the shop or supermarket if I need anything, and I am also loving how cheap taxis are if it’s too late to walk or if it’s raining, because I am so close to the centre. Not too sure I will be saying this as the temperature continues to drop, but right now, getting to and from places is one of my favourite new things.

  1. Christmas feels

I honestly don’t think there is a better Christmas atmosphere than in the city. As soon as the Leeds centre Christmas lights turned on there has been a change in the atmosphere that is already noticeable. Everyone is beginning their Christmas shopping, which means the city is filling up with bustle through the week as well as the weekend. I work at a clothes store in Trinity Leeds so I am certainly noticing this difference already. The fact that it gets darker a lot earlier now the clocks have gone back makes it even more cosy and Christmassy in the centre, especially when I finish Uni at 6 o clock, so walking through the centre with the lights shining and Christmas music blaring through my headphones makes me feel even more Christmassy. Another thing that cities have which smaller towns, in my case, don’t have is Christmas markets or German markets. I haven’t visited the Leeds Christmas market yet, but I have walked past and it looks amazing. I love that it brings tourists to the city of Leeds, which adds to the busyness and the Christmassy feel of the city. There isn’t anywhere else I would like to spend the lead up to Christmas than in the city of Leeds.

  1. Food and nightlife

I am not used to so many options for places to go! I am pretty fed up of constantly eating at chain restaurants, even though there are so many different ones to choose from. I love the variety, and trying new places. There are some really fancy and more expensive restaurants around the West side of the centre of Leeds that I am working my way around, as well as the new cheaper and more student friendly restaurants. Back at home, I live in a village where we can get practically no takeaway deliveries at all, so moving to the centre of Leeds has opened a whole new world to me. Being able to get so many takeaways delivered is such a treat, I didn’t think it would ever be possible to get a Maccies or nandos delivery, that will definitely take up a chunk of my student loan this year. I love the variety of nightclubs and bars for nights out too. There are endless student nights, at least one every night in the week, and the weekends are completely full of life with restaurants and clubs buzzing through the nights. I love having so much choice and going somewhere new every time I go out.

Please leave any comments of things you love about where you live!

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