How is Brexit affecting students in the UK?

University is the next level in most 18-year-olds lives. With many choosing the university lifestyle because they want to be seen as a cool fresher, drinking one-pound shots and literally having no money. However, this is not always the case.

University life is amazing. You get to live away from home, with your friends and party every night. Although, university is about what you put into it, if you choose to sleep through all your 9am lectures the only person missing out, is you.

Brexit is the worst thing to have ever happened to the United Kingdom. Trade deals are yet to be secured and the country will end up having less control on the world.

The UK provides an amazing intercultural experience for international students. With degrees costing a whopping £14,000 a year. Overseas students are currently worth two billion pounds to the British economy. Because of this, the government do not want to stop international students from studying in the UK as they are worth more than what they get out. We need immigration to staff our NHS, look after our old people and do low-paid jobs.

With Brexit looming, there has been a sudden increase of European students wishing to study in the U.K. This is because this could be the last opportunity for EU students to study in the UK, visa free. This shows how even though Brexit is occurring, the United Kingdom is still seen as one of the most attractive destinations.

Erasmus, the European Union’s university study abroad programme is an important factor if you are wishing to do a semester abroad in another country. With students receiving up to 350 euros per month. However, this is a European perk and since the United Kingdom are leaving the EU, Erasmus could become unavailable to British students.

If Erasmus funding does stop becoming available to British students, this would be a huge disadvantage and would most likely stop motivating people to do semesters abroad. Over 200,000 students have benefitted from the programme, so it is unfortunate that Erasmus could come to an end for the UK because of Brexit.

21-year-old Accounting Student Michal Checinski discusses his internship abroad in Poland using Erasmus funding.

“Erasmus is a major factor of my placement abroad. It not only helped me with living costs during my internship but also made my stay in Warsaw more enjoyable by allowing me to try different things out, such as traditional polish cuisines and different activities outside of work.”

Luckily for students, Erasmus will continue after Brexit becomes official. Students will continue to get up to 350 euros per month. This is due to The National Agency for Erasmus strongly supporting the programme within the United Kingdom until 2020.

For European students studying in the UK, university fees will remain the same as they did before Brexit. EU students will have to pay higher rates in the long term. However due to the value of the pound declining, studying in the United Kingdom is becoming more affordable. It is also said that EU students studying in the UK may have to apply for a visa after Brexit regulations take place.

“As an EU student, I’m glad that I’m allowed to work and study in the UK without any restrictions. Also, the availability of student finance is very helpful to me. If I had known Brexit was going to happen, I would not have moved to the UK, if I had better options now I would definitely leave the UK.” Says, 22-year-old student Michael Borth.

Not only will European students be affected by Brexit, British students will also be affected. With many students saying how they were concerned that Brexit would limit their opportunities to study and travel elsewhere in the EU. UK students may face higher fees in EU countries and also may need to apply for a visa in that country.

There is also a worry that there will be a decline in talent within the United Kingdom as currently three-quarters of university academics said they would leave Britain after Brexit. However, the UK has a strong reputation when it comes to education therefore maintaining strong relationships with universities and students is very important.

To conclude, Brexit has created a disunited nation therefore leaving Europe is not worth the economic harm it will cause. However, Erasmus is going to continue meaning that students will get funding opportunities to study and work abroad. Overall Brexit has had a bad effect on British and European students and therefore it is becoming harder for graduates to find jobs after university.

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