How to keep motivated in Leeds this exam period.

What’s up Leeds? My name is Charlotte Wilkin and today I will be talking about how to find your inner motivation at university.

So, we all know that may is one of the busiest times of the year for students with coursework and exam deadlines looming, it is easy to understand why students lose their motivation.

It also doesn’t help how the weather Is finally getting nice again! As a student you would obviously prefer to be in Hyde Park belting out David Guetta and drinking a beer. However, you have to find it inside you to go back home and do your university work.

Here are the top five ways to help you keep motivated in Leeds in this examination period.

1: Libraries. Both Beckett and Uni of Leeds have large library facilities. Personally, I prefer to work in the library than my bedroom as I feel like I get more work done and all the resources such as books are readily available to me. Libraries motivate you to stay committed to your work as there are no distractions therefore your goals can be completed at a much quicker pace.

2: Food. Eating correctly also helps you to keep motivated as your brain needs food to function. When you have been working hard to complete a piece of work you deserve to treat yourself. There are lots of amazing food places in Leeds such as the Trinity Kitchen or even a cheeky Nando’s. There are even many student offers on, my personal favourite being Bar Burrito where you can get a burrito and a beer for five pounds on a Thursday night. Eating proper meals is important because a healthy body equals a healthy mind.

3: Shopping. It’s healthy to let your mind have a small break from revision or working. Even if you are just popping into the Trinity Centre for a few hours. It is nice to relax with some retail therapy. Buy that top you have had your eye on for a while, at least you’ll look amazing in the exam hall.

4: Exercise. Both universities have a lot of sports facilities. You could argue how exercise is the most important function when regarding motivation because it releases endorphins. Not only does Beckett and Uni of Leeds have large gym facilities they also have a number of societies such as the yoga society, football society and dance society.  By doing these activities, they can help to increase your motivation as it clears your mind and puts you in a different mental environment.

5: Going out. So obviously when you have completed all your work you can treat yourself with a night out. Go to Quid’s In, Pryzm and try to forget about that awful exam. What’s done is done.

Finally, I just wanted to say good luck to everyone, I know you’ll smash it.

What’s up Leeds, over and out.

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