are we being easily influenced when it comes to our fashion choices?

Fashion is constantly changing, and everyone is desperate to keep up with the latest fashion trends being introduced. Whether you see new fashion trends in your favourite magazines, on social media or whilst walking past your favourite shop window, there is no escaping the latest trend. But how easily are you influenced when it comes to what you wear and the trends that you follow?

Fashion can often be criticised and not taken seriously. You may be someone who cares a lot about what they wear and how they look but other people don’t see why fashion is such a big deal. Jobs in the fashion industry may not be taken as seriously as other positions because it is considered to be trivial and something that attracts too much excitement, conformity and mass hysteria. However, fashion is seen to have its positives as it is a social contract on what is appropriate to wear at a certain point in time and sets boundaries for some people. 

According to Simmel, fashion is seen as a trend set by the elite groups that then spreads to the non- elite groups who are trying to identify with the upper classes by adopting their style. I’m sure everyone is guilty of seeing their favourite celebrity wear something new and then deciding that it is a MUST HAVE. This view was introduced in the early parts of the 20th century, however, is still being shown in society today due to how easily people are influenced by elites such as their favourite celebrities and vloggers. 

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is one of the ‘most powerful royal fashion influencers.’ Middleton influences many with what she wears and according to a new poll, when Middleton wears a new item of clothing or an accessory it increases the desirability among 38% of US shoppers. What Kate wears, the public wants. Are you inspired by what your favourite fashion influencers wear?

Social media is another HUGE platform which influences people with what they wear and their fashion trends. Bloggers and social media influencers are constantly posting their newest additions to their wardrobes which encourages their followers to dress the same and purchase the next trendy item of clothing or accessories. Brands such as Pretty Little Thing and Topshop use celebrities and influencers to show off and wear their clothes this is to make their items be seen by more of the public and to make them look desirable. Simmel also emphasised that because of this trend- setting character, fashion is constantly caught up in a never-ending process of innovation. 


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