Alina Nica

Because I have always been a person full of curiosity, my life journey has opened me to the desire of being interculturally competent.  After I finished my Bachelor’s in Management in Romania, I started off my Masters in Applied Science in The Netherlands and United Kingdom where I am studying and living currently.

My time spent in diverse environments, both working and studying, have helped me to develop my abilities in team working, creativity, and persuasion. I am pleased to have improved upon these skills and find further use in my professional career with a focus on understanding specific market needs.

I consider that being empathic is a must-have skill which my results have shown that I am managing very well. My aim is to combine my specializations in International Communication and Public Relations with the area of Behavioural Economics which I want to be the focus on further research. Considering that I can easily adapt to any kind of environment, my short term vision is to have an internship in the beautiful UK. Alongside my experiences so far, I can be part of a great team which will not only generate the expected results, but will go the extra step.