Beth-Emma Clennell

I’m a highly committed, collaborative and enthusiastic second year Public Relations undergraduate at Leeds Beckett University.  I strive for quality in the work that I produce and I always have a positive attitude towards work.

Through the teaching of my degree I have been able to develop my knowledge in areas such as; HR & Accounting, Global Business, Marketing, Internal and External Communications as well as more sectors, surrounding the business sector to which PR is involved in. I have gained valuable and real life PR practice, involving the different business sectors which I am able to use, in order to help me in practise.

Being able to work as part of a team or as a team leader are essential abilities to which I am efficiently and effectively able to prove. I have the ability through adaptive leadership skills, due to past experiences as a coach, to show that I can encourage and generate excellent connections with different individuals from different cultures and backgrounds. As well as this, I believe I have good cross-cultural knowledge, stemming from my optimistic character but mainly, from having the chance to connect and work with people across the globe. This is from the opportunity modules such as ‘Communications Campaign’ and also having the opportunity (through my coaching and training in Martial arts) to travel and compete in international competitions within the UK and EU. As a coach, my leadership skills are proven to be an achievement and a strong key characteristic of mine.

My long term goal is to work in the field of internal/ corporate communications within a sporting or automotive company. I would prefer to work within these sectors of PR, based on the intrinsic and embedded knowledge I have. I am working towards a placement within these two sectors and I would further love to make a future career within the internal communications sector because I am a adaptive and people person, who is known to care about others more than myself. I think I would excel in internal communications department and I am willing to gain new experiences and skills, in order to be what it takes to have a career in Internal Communications in the foreseeable future.