Beth Pye

As course representative for my university I am an active and ambitious PR student with practical skills in social media marketing and online branding strategies. My background consists of utilising platforms such as Facebook and Instagram to launch new business’s and establish them successfully within their target market. Having worked on various campaigns for global brands such as Kroylan cosmetics and Neal and Wolf, I’ve developed my research and analytical skills and proven my ability to devise market and competitor research. Through work placement I have been able to compile this data for presentation to my team and suggest creative ideas which could benefit the brand. Modules at university have shown me to have great verbal and written skills which can be seen through well performed presentations and written academic pieces.

Working individually as a social media manager, I understand the importance of great time management, leadership and personal motivation. My understanding of social media analytics, algorithms and edgeranking reflect my capability to adapt and understand various tools and use these appropriately to the advantage of the current campaign. These skills have also given me the ability to critically observe posts and campaigns, recognising which are successful and which aren’t, using this to build on my knowledge and apply to future campaigns. As an individual I am confident to take a leadership role on tasks yet I also collaborate well within a team expressing any ideas I may have and do not shy from thinking outside of the box.

The healthy and specialist food market is my main area of interest which I plan on entering myself after my studies. As an advocate of the healthy lifestyle, I consistently find that products of convenience for ‘clean eaters’ are not currently on the market and the selection is very few and varied between supermarkets. This is one of the fastest growing markets within the UK which will only grow further with the use of Instagram and celebrity endorsements pushing the concept of the body ‘ideal’ and exposure of hidden chemicals within our foods. Although studying PR I also have a keen interest in marketing communication and plan to work within both agencies in order to have a thorough and clear understanding of how to market and promote products both in the digital and retail world.