Emily Jarvis

An enthusiastic and motivated Public Relations undergraduate studying at Leeds Beckett University. 3+ years of experience in hospitality, social media and working amongst the public has helped to broaden my knowledge and understanding of the workings of PR.

My interest in PR was first ignited when I began working at Waltham Hall Nursing Home. This experience first exposed me to internal communications as well as being introduced to numerous social situations, with the responsibility of providing a front of house face to visitors and clients. This helped me to see that confidence is paramount and must always be upheld.

My communication and social skills have been crafted and honed whilst studying PR, with the completion and practice of presentations ensuring that planning is thorough and that creativity is utilised wherever possible.

My career aim is becoming clearer as I continue to study PR – striving to graduate and pursue a career in social media management, which is a theme that has interested me greatly on the course.