Emma Carter

I currently study Public Relations in my second year at Leeds Beckett University and from my time here I have developed many transferable skills. I have learnt the importance of good communication and how it can impact the business and relationships with others and from my studies I have improved my writing skills to be able to communicate more efficiently and effectively. With social media becoming a key aspect of current society, which is why I like to make sure all my social media accounts are current and professional; such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, especially as many PR activities occur on social media.

Work experience is vital, particularly in PR as the industry is ever changing to keep up with current trends and so no day will be the same, which I have seen from my internship at Link Communication, where as a team, we must create new campaigns to help promote different companies for clients, which must be relevant and appropriate in order to be successful.

Teamwork is something that I feel is very important to be successful, and is a skill that I believe I am very good at, as you need to be able to listen, respond and cooperate with other people all of which I am capable and excel at, which I demonstrated when I completed Young Enterprise and was the IT director and led our team to become Regional Winners in the competition.

I am most interested into the events planning part of PR, as I am a very organised and creative person and is something that I can see myself doing in the future. I hope to get a placement for my third year so that I can develop and improve my skills and knowledge relevant to the PR industry.