Francesca Perks

My name is Francesca Perks and I am currently a second year student, studying Public Relations at Leeds Beckett University! The majority of jobs in my short professional career have been in marketing. I’ve been the Junior Marketing Executive for a Leeds based cosmetics brand, Plumpit! And even more recently I’ve secured my placement year job as an Fashion Marketer for the company Flawless Studios.

I believe I am a confident individual with strong communication skills and an ability to deliver high standards of work in high pressure environments! I also believe I am commercially aware, meaning I can submit current pieces of work to companies I work for. These are just only some of the transferable and soft skills I believe I possess. From the short time I have been working in the PR and marketing industry I believe I’ve combated many successes. One success I believe is notable is the blogger and reality celebrity outreach during my time at plumpit! I negotiated prices, constructed the captions of the images and managed the process of the Instagram posts. I oversaw deals with reality stars such as Megan McKenna, paying them upwards of two thousand pounds to feature the plumpit product on their social media pages. As stated before, I believe being commercially aware is one of my key abilities. This is can be shown in my personal style blog ( and my corresponding social media accounts.

I consider myself quite an driven individual. Fashion is definitely the avenue I want to pursue, whether that be fashion PR in my early career and owning my own business in the latter stages. I hope that my placement in fashion will only make me want to work even harder to reach those goals.