Gemma Ratton

My name is Gemma, I’m nineteen years old, and currently am a Public Relations student in my second year at Leeds Beckett University. Throughout my GCSE’s, A Levels and now University life I have tried my best to obtain great successes. After I finish my degree, I hope to be an all-rounded individual that has a developed a strong insight of the PR industry. To get some hands on experience of an in-house agency I have worked at companies such as Propaganda and Approach PR. I have also worked in customer-centric roles. My current job, as a sales associate for Tommy Hilfiger has enabled me with second to none communication ability, as I have to speak to a wide variety of customers each day.

What I regard as my highest commended personal attribute is my cooperative nature. This has been brought to light through team tasks we have been assigned in University, as I have a taste for contributing my listening and communications skills with an open-minded perspective to a team. I have ensured that the work I submit is both on time and at a high quality. Working with the strengths and weaknesses of my colleagues to gain the best possible outcomes. I can efficiently use social media platforms, Microsoft Office, and photography ability. As I believe being adaptable to different technological platforms gives you a great upper hand in the industry of PR.

My tenacious driven attitude means, I can bring my own unique touch to work I am set, with my full commitment to the job. I wish to obtain a 12-month placement for my third year with the hope I can build the foundations of flourishing into a professional PR practioner.