Greta Geissler

I am currently studying International Communication at Leeds Beckett University, specialising in Digital Communication Management and PR. Having studied European Studies as an undergraduate, I am well informed about current European issues. During an internship in Brussels, I was able to improve my writing skills on a professional level and guided my own project, setting up a blog with WordPress for the interns to stay in contact with the Representation.

Over the years, I gathered experience in international business communication and often worked in intercultural teams for several projects such as creating a business plan, setting up a festival for gathering donations for l´Arche á Bruxelles, different projects like Flashmobs, film evenings and photo exhibitions for Amnesty International and the Young European Federalists. My most current project was the analysis of the gas debate in European media for the Dutch company Gasterra. For the presentation and marketing communication strategy my team even won an award.

Language and Culture are my passion. I speak five languages (German, English, French, Spanish and Polish) and travel whenever I get the opportunity to. Having lived and worked in four different foreign countries (Belgium, Poland, Netherlands and UK), I have not only learned how to adapt to different cultures, but also to step out of my comfort zone and solve challenging situations creatively.

For my future career I wish to become a consultant for an improved internal communication between employee and employer. For my Master´s thesis I am planning on writing about filter bubbles created by Twitter and Facebook.