Karen Guterres-Uitomo

Coming from a 16 years old country with a failing economic system, my aim has always been to go out into the world and learn a piece of knowledge that I could bring back. In East Timor, we have beautiful beaches and mountains that stretches for miles and miles, but no one knows about it. This is where PR comes in the picture. I know that I want to eventually set up an agency in my home country and establish Public Relations campaigns that will introduce our small nation to the rest of the world. However, in order to this I must first learn the concepts of PR from the rest of the established world.

I have lived in Indonesia and the United Kingdom and immersed myself into the lifestyle and culture of these respective nations. My experience with people from various backgrounds have expanded my communication skills. I consider myself an international citizen that can easily adapt to any situation. It has also given me the opportunity to observe how PR has helped to incorporate new concepts into century old traditions.

My event management, fundraising, and student council experiences from high school creates a foundation to build upon. Undertaking my BAH Public Relations with Journalism degree in Leeds Beckett University, helped to further hone and expand my organization and communication skills. My internship in Prohibition PR taught me how to apply the skills I have learned into the campaigns I assisted on.

For now, I hope to obtain more experience in the workings of internal PR and agency work. It is a learning process that has just started.