Kyle Wick

As an aspiring public relations professional, I bring along my enthusiasm for creativity. Whether it be through design, such as a film projects, photography or trying to find new and unique ways to interact with consumers. I bring with me a desire to learn and grow both as an individual, and a professional.

Past work and volunteer experiences have offered me the opportunity to build my communication skills. In particular, I’ve had the chance to work one on one with consumers and discover how best to interact with them; whilst also gaining experience in a team environment. During my time studying at higher education I’ve had chance to lead teams, quickly learning the importance of organisation. These experiences have also allowed me to demonstrate my ability to quickly pick up new skills on the move and adapt to new environments. Throughout my time at Tangerine I would move to new departments frequently, having to learn new machinery and procedures within the space of a few minutes.

I am known by those around me to have great listening skills, as well as being able to provide effective advice when needed. From a young age I’ve always been recognised for my technological skills, and had people turn to me for assistance, operating as a mentor to students who struggled with IT at school. I’m always eager to help, and endeavour to provide an essential piece to an organisation’s puzzle.

I have always been ambitious and have strived to do the best I can, not only for myself; but for people in general and I’m always considering ways to incorporate that into my work. I hope to find more ways to use PR whilst also helping people improve their lives at the same time. Not only improving my organisation’s reputation, but the reputation of PR in general.