Lizzy Kniffin

A chameleon of culture fascinated with adaptation and learning from every shade of diversity. I’ve done so by living and studying twice over in Germany, secondly in the Netherlands, and currently in the UK. I flourish in multicultural groups where I draw people from diverse backgrounds and mindsets together to achieve results and positive connectivity. I utilize my eagle eye for observation, sensitivity and attentiveness in every layer of communication; said and unsaid.

At Hanze University of Applied Sciences, I worked with an intercultural team to analyze European media response to the current debate on gas for the Dutch company Gasterra for which we won an Admiration Award. I received the Blocker Fellowship award in 2013 to study in Germany, and I returned last year to au pair for four children while improving my German skills. Furthermore, I’ve been a literacy mentor, a sales floor team member at Target, a club founder, and an admin responsible for personally contacting alumni from Hobart and William Smith Colleges.

From my practical experiences in working on diverse teams, my professional goal is to fulfill cross-cultural understanding through fostering cooperation and inclusion, and practicing mentoring and intercultural training. My further interests are mediation, stakeholder relations, and trans-Atlantic communication.

I’m a Masters student in International Communication with the Geert Hofstede Consortium studying intercultural competence, PR, and digital communication. I am driven by the challenges found through strength in diversity when synergy operates successfully and cohesively. I exercise a patient and optimistic demeanor in all I do. Kindness is my mother tongue.