Lucy Crownshaw

I am an ambitious and determined PR Student with experience working in a PR Agency. Confident and skilled in writing for press, I specialise in writing blog posts, articles, trade pieces and press releases. I am highly driven and have an ability to interact with people from all ages and backgrounds which proves my personal communication skills. Working in PR is ideal for my personality as I am mature and measured in my outlook. I am eager to learn and dedicated to succeed in this perfectly suited area of expertise.

The world around us, including the PR industry, is constantly changing and evolving and I enjoy being a part of that. After listening to PR professionals talk about their experience and work I’m even more interested in following in their footsteps. I always look to solve issues and dilemmas which lends itself well to particular elements of PR like crisis management in the commercial world. I try to follow the success and demise of major brands, particularly in retail. I subscribe to Public Relations magazines and have read relevant literature. I am currently starting a new blog with my views on a varied range of things including books, nightlife, fashion and art.

From the age of 15, I have been working part time at a swimming pool, first as a pool assistant and now as a qualified swimming instructor. This has taught me a positive work ethic and developed my confidence to communicate with a range of people including colleagues, children and their parents. This has allowed me to expand my leadership skills as I have a small team of pool assistants working with me.

Whilst at secondary school, I often helped with events like parents evenings and open nights. On these occasions I helped to promote subjects and opportunities within the school and gained skills and experience in these areas. I have participated in a range of hobbies including dancing for over 10 years, netball, swimming, and walking in Derbyshire.

Studying  A level English Literature allowed me to develop my writing skills and particularly writing in different formats which is an important skill in the world of Public Relations. Theatre Studies A level, and being involved in a drama group for 4 years has given me the confidence to approach new people and also speak in front of varied audiences.

Being a twenty first century teenage student, social media plays a big part in my life as it does in the world of PR. I am comfortable with technology and regularly use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, blogging sites and others. I find using these media sites help me to keep up with the world around me and how it’s changing. Public Relations shapes how we view what the media throws at us, so for a career in PR, I believe that keeping up to date with the ever changing media is an essential skill.

My year of studying Public Relations at Leeds Beckett University, helping out and organising various events, and working at Prohibition PR Agency has helped me develop numerous skills and taught me so much about the PR industry. Working at business events around the city has helped my confidence to try and talk and interact with new people. My social media input has grown because of this and I now have more connections on LinkedIn and a much more professional presence on platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. The biggest skill I have developed is that of my writing as I now feel comfortable to write blog posts, articles and press releases. I know the relevant research I have to do and clearly understand the format my writing should take place. I understand the importance of proof-reading more than before as errors I have made have only improved my knowledge and helped me learn so I don’t make the same mistakes in the future.