Oliver Warden

Currently studying a BA in Public Relations at Leeds Beckett University, I have a varied educational background. Growing up in Leeds, attending Abbey Grange Academy, I completed 11 GCSE’s A*-C, including English, Mathematics and IT. I then went on to study 3 A Levels in English Language, Philosophy and Politics, at grades A, B, C respectively. I was then offered an unconditional place at Leeds Beckett, where I am currently developing my understanding of communications.

I currently work for a communications company based in Leeds where I head our provision of social media accounts management. This is an important role for somebody of a young age, meaning I take great pride in my work and I am honoured I am trusted to do so. I manage my own clients, regularly attending national and local meetings to grow the client base and establish a professional network.

My previous work with Northern Rail as a communications intern was an invaluable experience and allowed me to develop as a working professional and as an individual. Working for such a large organisation came with the challenges of a fast paced environment, yet allowed me to develop skills that are necessary in my sector.

My varied work experience has allowed me to develop key transferable skills that will be needed in any professional environment. These range from basics such as time management and forward planning, to consumer interaction and analytics.

My success is proven through many of many campaigns, including reaching 150,000 people on a Facebook page that had less than 3000 likes. My growing client base also demonstrates success and provides external publics with an insight into my achievements.

Long term, I wish to successfully run and develop my own communications firm specialising in digital media on an international scale. With my current working portfolio and set of clients, I believe this will be possible within a 10 year time scale, providing I keep up my hard work and level of determination.