Rebecca Selkirk

At the age of 11 I had the experience of emigrating to Lanzarote which required me to learn Spanish fluently as I was placed in a Spanish speaking School where I had to learn to communicate and adapt to a new way of life. This called upon me to find self-belief and motivation to grasp the language. This valuable experience made me resilient to change and enabled me to appreciate different cultures. After 6 years, I returned to England to pursue my education; this cross-cultural experience consolidated my independence and self-reliance.

I am a second-year Public Relations student at Leeds Beckett University. I am eager to broaden my knowledge of the fashion communications industry developing new areas of expertise. The fashion industry is fast passed and exhilarating and requires a strong relationship with the media. I was drawn to the industry when I began noticing cultural differences within how beauty was portrayed in varying countries and find the concept of transforming people, looks and locations to be satisfying especially when social barriers and norms are challenged and changes the way society thinks. I believe everything happens today because somebody broke the mould before.

My academic studies have given me experience writing for different target audiences in appropriate formats and styles. I enhanced my pitching and presentation skills both individually and in groups improving my public speaking. I developed strong problem solving skills calling upon my self-motivation and tenacity. University deadlines helped to improve my time management and organisational skills.

I developed my PR skills whilst promoting weekly student event nights creating hype for forthcoming events. My aim was to increase the visibility of social media content online. I generated, edited and shared regular content that built meaningful connections encouraging network users to participate and engage with the event. Identifying client needs and establishing methods of managing requests in a professional manor and providing excellent interpersonal communication is a skill-set I have developed whilst working at Tremark Legal Associates.  I built upon my leadership and ability to maintain an even temperament under stress whilst developing tact and diplomacy when managing a team whilst working as a retail supervisor.

I believe that my personal qualities, academic skills and, most importantly, my enthusiasm for learning, make me a strong candidate for a year in industry placement to further enhance my competencies and better prepare me for a full-time career in public relations as I believe I have the aptitude and skills to build a successful career in this area.   

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