Rosie-Olivia Friend

When asked where I see myself in ten years’ time, I would say nowhere other than working in Public Relations. My long term career aim is to be working in the PR department for a large charity, for example Cancer Research. I would love to be able to put my ideas and creativity towards something that could potentially help others, as well as develop my own skills. I strive to encourage myself and others to push themselves to achieve their highest results. I am driven and motivated, however empathetic and understanding. I am forever open to improvements and happy to take criticism, and also adapt easily to change.

I am currently a student in my second year at Leeds Beckett University, studying Public Relations with Journalism. So far, the course has built up my confidence and is allowing me to develop my skills which will aid my journey to reach my long term career goal. I am able to act in a professional manner when interviewing due to studying a module in reporting, the module has also aided my writing skills, as I can write blog posts, feature articles, interviews, press releases, and reviews. I also understand the importance of relationships between members working within an organization, as well as understanding the importance of the target audience, and coming up with creative ways of reaching them.

In 2016 I accomplished a week of work experience in the PR department for a chain of restaurants, called Bistro Qui Ltd in Liverpool. At Bistro Qui Ltd I was responsible for dealing with clients in a professional manner, compiling newsletters for the customers and staff, proof reading and editing, creating and posting Facebook competitions, and managing the social media accounts.

A time when I have demonstrated success would be in sixth form, when I was team leader of the Social Team. The team and I were responsible for running charity events throughout the school year. This included ticket designing, organizing, promoting the events, and creating ways to reach the target audience of members of the public and the pupils. Our best event raised £350 over the target for our chosen charity, proving that we reached our target audience as most donations came from the members of the public and pupils. Another time I was successful was when working at Bistro Qui, I created a Facebook competition to increase the social media presence of the company, and reach the target audience of online users in the area of Liverpool. The competition was a success and it had over 200 entries, which was the most entries the company had received in a Facebook competition. The company also received over 130 new likes on Facebook.

I will continue to strive for success, and hope that one day I will be a part of the brains behind a large campaign seeking to help others.