Simran Purewal

I am currently studying Public Relations with Journalism at the Leeds Beckett University. After studying Media Studies and English Language at A-Level, I was able to develop my passion for writing. I also wanted to study a course which allowed me to use my creative skills and adapt my knowledge on all media platforms.

I have had experience in the broadcasting industry helping me grasp new ideas and concepts. Along side this I have worked at Next for four years, working in a large organisation has helped me when it comes to working on my own and using my initiative as well as part of a team. My customer service experience allows me to quickly build up relationships with clients. I am able to work when under pressure and still preform effectively.

I am eager to succeed in the PR industry and from this course I am hoping to gain a Job in Marketing and communications for a large company such as Nike where I would be able to help build and maintain relationships with stakeholders and customers. During my undergraduate course I have been able to gain experience using the platforms print, e-media and broadcasting. From this I am able to consider the target audience and how to keep them engaged as well as representing the brand and its values.