Steven Mortimer

I value myself as a hard-working, adaptable and confident worker, with experience in the field of writing and communications as a professional and a hobbyist. My interest in writing and communications started during sixth form, where I was tasked with interviewing teachers for a student newsletter. Since then, I’ve had experience working in both PR and writing roles – including as an intern at Brass PR, an award-winning marketing agency based in Leeds, and as a content writer for the popular YouTube gaming channel, “TGN”. Creating content, in any form, is something that both excites and challenges me, and I am eager to improve, learn and apply the skills necessary to create unique and original content for online publication.

I believe one of my strongest abilities is to adapt my writing to different formats easily. I find swapping between press release, article and online formats comfortable, and I am confident in my ability to tweak my written voice to fit the contextual setting of my work.

My long-term goal is to be positioned within a publication based around technology and gaming, since those are hobbies of mine on a personal level that interest me greatly. In the short term, I would like to focus on improving my marketing and communications skills by seeking further internships at agencies/organisations, as I feel less experienced in public relations and marketing roles in comparison to journalistic positions.