Tom Southern

I am Tom Southern a 2nd year PR student at Leeds Beckett University. I have studied at Standish High School and Runshaw College where I studied A Level English combined, Religious Studies and Film Studies. I have experience in working as a Junior Account Executive at a successful PR Agency, Acceleris.

I have experience in dealing with journalists and selling stories to the media for important clients. From working at Acceleris I have learned how to effectively communicate with the media and the experience I have gained has been invaluable in improving my knowledge of how PR and the press work together. I have proved in my experience that I have effective communication skills, strategic time management skills and I am an extremely motivated individual. I have worked on successful campaigns for high profile clients, produced creative social media content to support marketing activities for a range of businesses and worked on planning and running key events.

My work experience as a Junior Account Executive has developed my skills in time management so I can strategically work under pressure and produce results. I thrive when I am given responsibility for tasks and I have proved myself when working in a team. As a PR student I believe it is important to keep on top of current affairs and key stories in the media and so I regularly read a range of newspapers to stay informed.

My career aim is to get a communications placement at a successful tech company. After graduating from Leeds Beckett University with a Public Relations BA (Hons) degree I aim to pursue a career in the technology sector within the communications team.