Victoria Trakoshi

My name is Victoria Trakoshi, from the beautiful island of Cyprus. Currently I am a second year student at Leeds Beckett University, in the field of Public Relations (BA). Public Relations are the best choice for someone like me, a very social and outgoing person with lots and lots of excitement.

I am an aspiring young professional on the journey of pursuing my dream on becoming an expert in the field of Fashion PR and communications My main career goal is to keep improving my experience and skills but more specifically I am aiming to achieve in the fashion industry in particular.

My skills on Public Relations are upgrading from year to year through my academic studies in the university. Teamwork skills have been gained from my early years when participating in dance shows and art contests and eventually from group works in University. All other sets of skills I have to offer were achieved through my work experience, for example time management skills were developed while working as a freelance event planner for a christening and a charity event back in Cyprus. My main tasks was reviewing the set of activities planned, making sure they were carried out correctly and on time. Lastly leadership and management skills have been gained when I was working as group leader to promote Havana Club. An example of where I succeeded in my job was when I organised a Christmas charity event last December where we raised £ 1581.16 for a ‘children in need’ organisation in Limassol.

In answering the question of what I have to offer is a young fresh face in the industry worthy strong and creative as my biggest passions are art and fashion.