Zoe Knight

As a current Public Relations Student I am organised, motivated and detail specific. I have a vast interest in social media and current affairs, both local and international. I take my time to remain up to date with daily news so I am aware of global situations.

With past experience including roles in customer service I believe I am aware of what different publics want in different situations, resulting in my specific knowledge of situational awareness and decision making. Forward thinking and creativity allows me to plan effectively and work around time constraints. Through other roles, I have developed my communication skills both verbally and written, resulting in clear and concise work which is relatable and understandable. Working with various different computer programs, including Microsoft, Adobe Photoshop, multiple EMS and market research data collection has resulted in growing computing skills. Team work and multi-tasking are a strength as these have been consistent thought out working opportunities allowing me to be decisive and make informative decisions developing leadership and mentoring ability.

PR presents a changing environment which develops though trends and opportunities. Having a chance to be a part of this is my ultimate aim but evolving my skills through continuous professional development will increase my knowledge adding to my overall performance. Working in different aspects of PR will allow more diversity in my work and career.