2017 Editorial Board

This year, our editorial board is comprised of 14 students — four Post Graduate students and ten undergraduate students. Each of these students was tasked with peer reviewing blog submissions, coordinating with a small editorial group of three to four to recommend posts for publication, scheduling posts for publication throughout the year, and promoting the blog. These students have taken on a vital role in the production and promotion of the blog.

Our Editorial Board:

Post Graduate Editors

Joachim Akinseloyin

Lucy Ndlovu

Rachael Norrie

Matthew Shevlin

Undergraduate Editors

Laura Calvert

Dionne Crowe

Hiba Essaqaf

Brittany Guymer

Sheridan Hancock

Jessica Hayre

Rosie Heaton

Yasmin Johal

Rae Malji

Aiden Nasser