Brittany Guymer

My name is Brittany Guymer, a kind-hearted, optimistic and ambitious 19 years old student from Sheffield. I’m currently in my second year of a 4-year BA (Hons) Public Relations with Journalism degree at Leeds Beckett University, where I have increased my confidence in building new relationships and strategically manage various social media channels. I’m also a course representative and a CIPR member.


I grab any opportunities that come my way; I’m currently Editor of StudentWire, one of the largest online student magazines in the UK. I work to tight deadlines and manage my time efficiently, publishing every other day, planning articles in advance and delegating tasks to writers. I have learnt how to find creativity in everyday life, improving my photography skills and writing posts which are full of character but also relatable to my readers. My articles have also featured on other online websites, including The Social Web Times.

I can strategically manage several IT platforms, including Microsoft Office, Apple iWork, Analytics and WordPress. My work experience with Prohibition PR has taught me how to successfully research companies, pitch ideas to clients and complete administrative tasks such as answering telephone calls and product reviews. I’ve had to adapt to a quick-paced environment and have improved my communication skills, speaking to journalists and PR companies on a daily basis.

My ability to balance my blog, job and continually achieve high grades shows how I am organised and highly motivated to complete any task to the best of my ability. I learnt the importance of communication and problem solving through my Dance Leadership qualification where I planned and taught tailor-made dance routines to a variety of mentally/physically disabled young people, working successfully within a team and independently.

I’m looking forward to using my knowledge of PR in the industry and working with other creative minded individuals. I currently have a placement with Panasonic, where I look forward to gaining experience of in-house PR. I can then compare this to agency work to see which I prefer and which career to pursue long-term. It’s important to me that whichever company I choose to work with in the future is ethically minded and partakes in corporate social responsibility.