Dionne Crowe

I am a second year PR student at Leeds Beckett University.

 Throughout my degree I have participated in two internships, firstly – Prohibition PR. This helped me gain experience of ‘agency work’ and therefore, allowed me to expand my knowledge in real-life situation, as well as putting my skills learnt through my studies to great use. Working in an agency enabled me to gain skills I could not receive through my degree, providing a great stepping stone to the start of my PR career.

Identifying where my interests lay, I earned a position at a fashion and lifestyle PR agency, ACPR & Creative Boutique. This placement allowed me to focus my attention on topics which I have a deeper interest in and gain the understanding of PR in the fashion industry. Having a strong passion and desire for a future in fashion PR, ACPR enabled me to gain the crucial prior experience.

Both internships, combined with my studies have enabled me to gain excellent time management skills – Ensuring that I professionally balance all commitments. I have great motivation to succeed in my desired career path, aiming to strive in all tasks I am given. I have also developed a range of skills such as communication, presentation and research skills – Demonstrating these through various tasks such as creating, scheduling and posting relevant content to ACPR’s Instagram and Facebook page daily, conducting research for projects and campaigns and undertaking interviews with professionals.

 In terms of my career aims and objectives, I have always been intrigued by social networking and the influence media has on society, therefore I have a strong focus and career aim of working in social media – within the fashion industry. I would consider myself to hold extensive knowledge of the fashion industry, regularly keeping up with current PR trends.

LinkedIn: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/dionne-crowe-a182a7114