Hiba Essaqaf

My ultimate career goal is to become a freelance writer and start my own magazine; using the all the skills I’ve already gained and all the new ones I will add to further my career in this field. I want to enhance the opportunity of my career in the writing profession by not only obtaining the necessary English skills, but also obtaining professional knowledge and experience gained through the Public Relations degree course I’m currently in and of course relevant hands on experience. Making use of the experience I have in the teaching of the English language and the acquirement of my TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages) certification, I hope to one day make a difference and have my pieces of writing be shared and appreciated worldwide. My love for writing and languages originates from primary school during a time when I was struggling with the English language; I was always trying the impossible to impress my teachers that I’m capable of mastering the art of the language. My eagerness and passion towards being able to write in the language amused one of my teachers; she was always encouraging me to write and express myself even though it was hard in the beginning I still kept trying. Being encouraged by parents and teachers, helped me gain a greater amount of confidence and interest into enhancing my skills within the field of writing. Due to all the encouragement and support I received several awards in relation to poetry and essay writing Writing has always been something I enjoyed a lot; I took it any chance I had to sit down and write freely. I also turned into online blogs to start posting my pieces of writing and launched my own blog website. I also took the time to learn a couple of different languages to enhance my skills in languages such as French and Spanish.

As a Public Relations student, this course has allowed me to expand my knowledge into many different aspects that are key for my career. I want to be able to use all the qualities and skills I will be gaining to expand my knowledge in the field of print media and most definitely all other kinds of media platforms. Having been through all the related experiences it has undoubtedly not only enriched my focus in Public Relations and Communications but also enriched my creativity, elasticity, and all other abilities that come along after excellent learning experiences in the past. Hence, I do wish that in the future I am capable to further develop my knowledge and skills that will allow me to chase my aspirations in the future.

Patience, enthusiasm and positivity are my fortes; as well as paying close attention to every detail and the notion that I am capable to handle a great deal of pressure when needed.  I am certain that with all the experiences and skills I’ve already gained, and the ones I will be gaining in the future will allow me to benefit and progress into an exciting career.