Laura Calvert

My name is Laura Calvert and I am currently studying Public Relations at Leeds Beckett University. I chose to do this course at degree level as I have always enjoyed studying different aspects of the media and knew I would want to go into a career that would be very hands on dealing with different clients, and working within such an interesting and fast paced industry. For my A levels, I studied Media, English Language and combined Business and Economics. I thoroughly enjoyed studying these subjects, which led to me wanting to pursue a career in public relations. This is because it incorporates many different aspects of these subjects into the industry.

I have gained experience of working within the field from being an intern for a public relations and marketing firm in Leeds. My experience of working within the firm has taught me many valuable skills that are needed when pursuing a career in public relations. These include writing skills, managing deadlines, desire to improve my work in any way possible, verbal communication, researching and many more.

In the past I have had many retail jobs, which required a lot of time working closely in teams and with the public. Undertaking these roles has enabled me to develop my communication skills to a high level and understand different techniques of successfully working as a team. These skills will play a key role in achieving my long term goal of working in a large organisation as an internal communications manager. This is my goal as I believe this position would greatly interest me and allow me to work to my fullest potential.