Lucy Ndlovu

My passion and interest in communication has led me to pursue a Postgraduate Degree in Public Relations (PR) and Strategic Communication at Leeds Beckett University.

Whilst working for various companies in the commercial sector, I observed complex communication issues that exist in these organisations on all levels, especially when dealing with vulnerable clients and issues around diversity. I observed situations where communication was fragmented and not effective in delivering the information required.

I have also observed benefits of effective communication, where organisations communicated to clients as individuals, considering their preferences, culture, language differences and motivations. In these cases, client relationships were built and maintained because the people who are being targeted felt understood.

I have 12 years of work experience in various organisations in Leeds with roles in the Financial Services Industry, Energy Industry and the Hospitality Industry where majority of my professional roles have involved an aspect of communication both written and orally. It is here that I have enhanced my communication skills and gained the ability to build relationships with clients. At ENGIE Energy solutions LTD where I worked until 2016, I was involved with handling customer related complaints at a senior level and dealt with internal departments and external agencies to resolve the issues.  At Connolly’s Consulting where I worked as a Trainee Financial Auditor in 2008 my main role involved interpreting financial data and then communicating my findings to the senior management for review.

My goal is to work in the PR industry where I will be able to utilise the skills learned to engage and communicate effectively and mindfully with clients or prospective customers and in the process developing valuable relationships with them.