Yasmin Johal

Hi, I’m Yasmin! I am a second year Public Relations undergraduate at Leeds Beckett University. Despite my main focus currently being PR, a lot of my previous experience is within the journalism and editorial industries. Covering a multitude of topics from music and leisure to race and sexuality, I have enjoyed writing for a variety of online publications and blogs such as Her Campus.

I also own and maintain a personal Youtube channel, and consequently a range of social media accounts alongside this, resulting in a strong knowledge of social media marketing and personal branding. The transferable skills I’ve received from these personal projects have proven very useful. From the ability of condensing, editing and organizing articles during my time as Editor of Screever magazine, to the second-nature approach I now feel on social media due to my Youtube journey, the skills I’ve picked up along the way will be practical during my time working in PR and digital marketing.

My long term goal and short term goals are relatively similar; short term I’d like to intern at some local record labels, helping out promoters and working live shows. The ultimate long term goal is to work in social media marketing or PR for a global music corporation like Universal or Warner Music.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/yasminjohal/