Vlog: Using PR strategies to promote brands

Hi guys, today I’ll be showing how brands market products, using examples from England and Poland to help me do so.

Media advertising is dominated by the bigger brands. PR is the most effective and economical source of advertising and food and PR often go hand in hand together.

PR is an excellent way to make consumers aware of your product. PR is also crucial to brand recognition. E.g. Jaffa cakes example and Cadbury and Nestle example.

PR is an amazing way of making sure that people know the product and positive reviews do go a long way. E.g. Polish sesame snacks.

The opinions of journalists and bloggers is important in the food industry. This includes promoting products on Instagram.

The food industry is one of the most competitive business sectors however PR gives your product more brand credibility. E.g. Yorkie ‘not for girls’ slogan.

Having the product reinforced in newspapers and magazines will also endorse the product more efficiently. E.g. Twix and Krakuski example.

PR also allows you to connect your brand to the industry. E.g. Polish products being widely used and sold in the UK.

In conclusion, promoting through social media, newspapers and magazines is a great way of branding products. PR is also crucial for companies to create brand recognition and making consumers buy your product.

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