Crisis6 Submission Information

2019 Conference Theme: Innovations in the Field of Risk & Crisis Communication

The deadline for abstract submission is 15 April, 2019 with notifications sent on or about 15 May, 2019.

We are looking for an exploration of new approaches to theory, methodology, education and training, practice, as well as the intersection of technology in the context of risk and crisis. We are looking for cross-disciplinary work with communication, journalism, business, marketing, health, law politics, policing, cross-cultural research, education and training. We are inviting you to think about where the field has been and where it is can and should go. We would especially invite our practitioners to share their own experiences and best practices so that we can all learn from each other.

Traditional research presentations, panel discussions, and demonstrations will all be welcome. Anticipate approximately 20 minutes per presentation with discussion and questions immediately following. We are inviting three key types of presentations for this conference:

  • Traditional Research Presentations — These include traditional presentations of data — all methodologies and approaches are welcome. Additionally, theoretical, research agendas, and the like are also appropriate for this type of presentation.
  • Panel Discussions — These should tackle critical issues related to the conference theme of innovations in the risk and crisis. To be accepted, the panels should be comprised of people from different institutions and ideally representing cross-national discussions.
  • Demonstrations — These focus on achieving key practical learning objectives for those attending the session. Demonstrations could include anything from advanced research methodology, to techniques for crisis responders, to learning tools that could be implemented in classrooms (just to name a few). To be accepted, the objectives need to be clear and achievable within the 20-minute time.

Abstract Submission Information

While we will not limit the number of research papers that any person can be an author on, for time and space restrictions, each person may only be the first author on one research paper AND make a single research presentation. It MAY be possible for a second presentation to be made if that is as a part of a panel or demonstration (time and space allowing).

We are asking for submissions in a detailed abstract format of no more than 1,200 words (inclusive of all content)including the following headings:

  • Summary and key contribution (a brief overall summary of the submission and contribution to the conference theme)
  • Keywords (up to 5 keywords separated by commas)
  • Rationale (argument for the approach taken in the paper, panel, or demonstration)
  • Indicative Content
    • For traditional research presentations include theory (as applicable), methods, results (or anticipated findings), and implications (or anticipated implications)
    • For panel discussions include all participants and a one or two paragraph summary of their contribution to the discussion.
    • For demonstrations include specific learning outcomes for participants, approach, and indicative content.
  • References

To submit your abstract…

  1. Be sure to download the cover page for the submission here. This should be the first page of all submissions.
  2. Complete the Abstract submission form on the submission page and attach your MSWord or pdf submission. You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of your submission.

Abstract Submission Form

Submit your abstracts or full papers via attachment here. You will receive confirmation within 24 hours.